Jordan Fulton

Name: Jordan
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee
Residence: Columbus, Ohio
College Major: Graphic Design

While studying film for two years at the University of Colorado in Boulder, I discovered a passion for graphic design in my spare time. I taught myself Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver, while at the same time picking up PHP, CSS and other web design tools. I began work as a part time graphic artist for the university’s Housing and Dining Services marketing department and knew that this was the field in which I’d much rather be.

I began dabbling in Adobe Photoshop 7 in school several years ago. However, I did not have Photoshop at home to continue practicing so instead I began designing logos and artwork in MS Paint. A few years later I joined the graphics team of for a small local newspaper where I rapidly gained skill and proficiency in Photoshop. Since then I have been doing several kinds of graphic artwork for various people and with the first release of my Obsidianus Icon Set for Mac OS X, I have decided to extend my skills to a larger group.

I am currently taking supplementary graphic and web design classes in Ohio while researching to transfer to various graphic design programs. Meanwhile, I am freelancing on the occasional website or logo and building up my portfolio.

My art style preference? Vector Art is by far my favorite but is certainly not all I am limited to.

For more samples of my work or to discuss business, please don’t hesitate to contact me.