An icon set for OSX Leopard. This set was designed in about a week and became the 2nd most popular in the Icons, Screensavers, etc. category of Apple’s downloads section. The set includes a full replacement system icon set with several extra icons, including every iPod ever released and icons for your Boot Camp Mac and Windows partitions. Each of the the 132 icons is full 512x512px, glossy and translucent. Looks great with abstract wallpaper and in Cover Flow.

Extras included
Uploads Folder
Scripts Folder
Chats Folder
Experiments Folder
Notes Folder
Games Folder
Photoshop Folder
Vectors Folder
Apple Folder
Classic Folder
Macintosh HD
Windows HD
iPod Shuffle
iPod Shuffle 2G (silver, pink, green, blue, orange)
iPod Shuffle 2G (teal, sea foam, plum, red)
iPod Mini (silver, gold, pink, blue, green)
iPod Nano (black, white)
iPod Nano 2G (silver, pink, black, green, blue, red)
iPod Nano 3G (silver, pink, teal, sea foam, black, red)
iPod 2G
iPod 3G
iPod 4G
iPod 5G (white, black, U2)
iPod Classic (white, black)
iPod Touch

This ZIP download contains the iContainer, Icon Folders and Readme file. (24.3 MB)